CRU | 5 Reasons Your Winery Needs to be on Instagram
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5 Reasons Your Winery Needs to be on Instagram

June 30, 2017

Instagram has turned into a hotspot for businesses. With over 400 million active users daily and 70 million plus pictures shared a day it’s easy to see that Instagram is one, if not the hottest social media platform today. AND it’s extremely easy to use! If your Winery is not on Instagram you are definitely missing out on plenty of eyeballs that could be seeing your great wines, views and what you have to offer. Here are the top 5 reasons we believe you should be using Instagram.

It’s Easy To Use

Do you have a smartphone? Yes? That is all you need. Download the app, create an account and begin to give your followers a behind the scenes look at what your winery is all about. I’m sure you’re on your phone a lot so when you see something that catches your eye, it will probably catch the eyes of your audience, so post it! There is no doubt that visual content in social media is dominating. So be creative!


Makes Your Winery Easy to Search for

Being found on Google organically for most businesses can be a challenge. The more areas your business is on the internet, the easier it is for someone to find you. Using multiple outlets can help build a solid reputation online, especially if you are constantly pumping out good content that gets your audience engaged. Today people are heading to Instagram  to decide whether they want to visit a winery or not. They will enter the name in the search bar of the platform and see what kind of pictures people are posting. If it looks like a good time, they most likely will visit.


Engagement is Higher on Instagram than Facebook

Instagram has half as many users than Facebook but almost 4 times as much engagement a day. Facebook on average gets around 1.7 billion likes a day where instagram gets 4.2 billion and continuing to grow.! That’s a huge difference for having half as many users. Make sure you’re engaging with your audience as well to show that you care about them and are willing to answers questions or concerns.


Be Creative Through Visual Content

Instagram allows you to create a visual identity for your business through the art of visual content. So once again be creative! Show your audience why your business is so special. Run contests, engage with people, create a theme and be consistent with it so your audience recognises when you have posted something. Don’t be afraid to be different.


Allows You to Network with Others

When starting an Instagram you can follow other wineries and people who seem to have an interest in wine. It is a great place to find and connect with others in your market. Instagram has made networking with others in your market extremely easy due to the ability to direct message them and promote your brand using hashtags and geotags.
If your business is not on Instagram yet, download the app and create a profile. Check out some of your competitor’s pages to get some ideas and then create your own theme. Create a unique hashtag for your audience to use when they visiting your business and encourage engagement. There are millions of users on Instagram which means there are millions of reasons to be using the platform. So get on it!


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