CRU | What is Automated Email Marketing?
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What is Automated Email Marketing?

June 30, 2017

Automated email marketing is a great tool to nurture and engage customers, generate repeat purchases, and funnel regular purchasers into the ultimate goal of converting to a wine club member.

Being smart about setting up marketing automation for your eCommerce site can save you a lot of time and increase your sales growth by sending timely emails with a targeted offer for the right person. In some cases, we are seeing 10-15% increase in sales per month for just 1 workflow! 


What is a workflow? 

A workflow is a trigger and action combination. An action being – Order Placed, a trigger being – Send an Email (for example). Other actions include SMS messaging, adding or removing tags (to create more targeted workflows). Triggers can be customisable to further personalise and target the workflow such as ‘Order is customers first’ or ‘user has tags’. The CRU marketing automation has around 20,000 trigger/action combinations to target your customers.


Why use Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a very powerful tool which in many cases removes the need for a CRM. Many winery owners, marketing teams and cellar door managers don’t have time to go delving into a CRM to find out sets of customers to target with offers or reward for loyalty.

Think about it this way, the use of marketing automation is to keep you (the winery/brand) at the forefront of your customers’ mind. More specifically, in marketing terms, positioning you in the customer’s mind. If you don’t, the winery next door will! By creating autoresponders or entire email series based on the actions and orders of every customer, limits the reliance on batch-and-blast sends to convert your customers.

The key to marketing automation is to develop a workflow for each event that a customer may find themselves in.


Examples are:

  • New Customer (trigger) – Send a welcoming email (action). The email will contain a welcoming message to the wine club and possible calendar of what is going on throughout the year
  • A customer hasn’t purchased for 3 months (trigger) – send an email (action). The email will likely contain an offer to get them “reinvigorated”
  • A customer has purchased $1500 in 4 orders (trigger) – send an email (action). The email can either go to the customer with an offer to say thank you or go to admin to say “get on the phone and call the loyal customer”…or both
  • Customer purchases a specific product (trigger) – send an email (action). The email includes engaging content such as a virtual tasting note video, recipes to go with the wine that was just purchased

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