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Attention: Winery Owners, Club Managers and Marketing Managers looking to increase sales and efficiencies

“Stop wasting time batch processing, pulling csv files, manually emailing your members, and let the system do the work for you.”

Get in contact with CRU to analyse your wine club for growth and increased conversions. We’ll provide you with the strategies required to drive wine club sign-ups at the cellar door and decrease your attrition rates.

  • Learn what the top performing clubs look like
  • Identify opportunities for your existing members to increase their spend
  • Understand what type of marketing automation increases efficiencies and leads to increased sales
  • Tactics to drive more LTV per member
  • The features a system requires to automate daily tasks

We commonly see wine clubs that are flatlining after a period of growth. At the same time, attrition rates start to increase. Or, we see that management of members can be easier…. Are you downloading, manipulating CSV files, then reuploading? Are the credit cards you have on file safe? Are you manually sending emails out to your members for their upcoming packs? Are you having to change pack mixes for members from the manual reminder email you send? If you answered yes to any of these then you are wasting VALUABLE TIME!

Do you want to shift your existing club’s structure to allow for more flexibility but can’t because you don’t know where to start, or you don’t have a system that can handle it?

All of CRU’s website builds come with CRU Club – the most flexible wine club on the market and the only solution that allows members to manage their own club packs, their own quantities, their own frequencies of delivery before each shipment. This self-management leads to members optimising themselves and not overloading with too much wine – too much wine means they cancel. Our automatic rolling payments free up time for club managers to do what they do best – sign up more members, engage and offer more value to existing members! Having rolling rather than set months means sign-ups occur immediately – you are up-selling an order that is already being placed. Automated emails or sms alerts trigger before each individuals’ shipment, reminding them to update any personal information and most importantly, to change their pack mix or upgrade or downgrade. Major cards are automatically updated (launching April 2019)!!

CRU clients (on average) grew by 30% in 2018 from leveraging CRU Clubs flexible options – many seeing 60-90% growth. Why? Because they are not trying to sell a club pack that the customer may or may not be interested in, they are converting an already in-process sale….it just makes sense.

Wine Clubs are easy to sell when you are up-selling an order that is already taking place at cellar door or an event.

What are the benefits of CRU Club??

  • Higher conversion rates as cellar door staff upsell an already in-process sale.
  • Higher conversion rates due to flexible options such as choose your own wines, quantities and frequencies of delivery.
  • Member self-management leads to staff saving time.
  • Members optimise their shipments as to not overstock leading to lower attrition rates.
  • Consistent cash flow throughout the year due to rolling subscription frequency and not set months.
  • No over resourcing in set months, orders come in just like any other eCommerce order.
  • Reduce time in manually or batch creating payments and club orders.
  • Saving staff time in collating member emails to send for upcoming club shipments.
  • Save time looking at a CRM, pulling the data to action engagement and sales emails.
  • Increase in sales conversions due to targeted personalised emails.

More about CRU. 

CRU Winery Agency was started by Chris Mulhallen and Ben Acott in 2015, due to an industry friend wanting the co-founders to explore the then winery platforms for his winery. After demonstrations from the major platforms, Chris and Ben knew they could open an agency and do it better. 

Chris has a background in the wine industry, completing a Bachelor of Wine Marketing as well as working for various wineries, setting up and running cellar doors and selling wine both to on and off-premise.

Ben has a tech background, he started the first social media agency in Australia, has launched hundreds of website builds for various industries and was one of the first Facebook employees in Australia.

Combined, Chris and Ben started CRU using open source technology and have purely focused on developing their own subscription-based wine club and marketing automation, whilst allowing the open source technology (WordPress and Woocommerce) to consistently provide CMS and eCommerce updates.

Stop wasting your valuable time and contact our co-founder Chris Mulhallen for a 1 on 1 phone call to discuss how we can help you smash wine club growth. Click here.