CRU | Wine Concierge
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Wine Concierge – Messenger Marketing

Use the CRU Wine Concierge to automate conversations, close sales, segment contacts and provide greater engagement and service to your customers.

Up to 90%+ open rates, smashing email

Engage with your customers 1 on 1

Broadcast to your customers with notifications about events, specials, new releases etc

Use the concierge as a sales, marketing, lead generation and a 24/7 customer service channel

Advertise through Facebook and increase your ROI by directing customers to the Wine Concierge rather than a landing page.

Turn Facebook Messenger into a sales and marketing Channel as well as automate responses to become a 24/7 support agent.


Send broadcast messages now or schedule them for later. You can auto post from external sources such as your blog for example.


Drip feed content such as your story, leading up to an event, leading up to a new release. You can A/B split test to work out the best communication or offer.

User Attributes

Track which users want to get broadcasts from you and which don’t. Pull attributes based on their Facebook profile such as first, last name, email address, or from their responses and route into user-specific content.

Grow Your Database

Acquire new customers from comments on your Facebook page by enabling your bot to send a private message to the commenter.

Facebook Ads

Allow your audience to start a messenger conversation with your bot using Facebook ads. Build lookalike audiences and double/triple your database.

Auto Repsonses

Set up automated responses based on the most commonly asked questions. Insert the Concierge into the corner of your website to direct website traffic to get fast responses they are looking for.

Pull and Display Content

Display and/or send content from your RSS feed or blog posts from your website.  


Track users, conversion rates, engagement/activity and more..


Ask a user to share their location within your geofence and unlock certain functionalities that are not available elsewhere.

Contact us to learn more.